The Future of HR

Mani Gopalakrishnan, Senior Leader, Digital Learning & Technology at GE predicts the future of HR. Find out more about how technology is transforming business functions:  

Three Key Trends Shaping the Future of HR

For long, Human Resources (HR) has been viewed as this administrative function that ensures payrolls are processed on time or a business partner. It is now time that the HR transitions itself into a powerful People Platform and enables the business. The following three trends will eventually push HR to dig-deep into the power of ...

The Five Steps to building an Agile Organization

The current model of employment in the companies is designed to box people/talent into squares, triangles, and rectangles. For example, when a Finance Manager is hired, they are hired into a department rather than into a larger pool of Finance Managers. The hiring today is defined by who pays for it rather than a question ...

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